Costa Fundraiser

A fundraiser organised by our Equality and Diversity group at QMC, was aiming to collect as much money as possible to show support to the NHS staff who have been working tirelessly since the start of the pandemic. 

We crossed over £1,400 in donations.


The Gazette also had a few words to say about our fundraiser:

The money raised will be used to buy vouchers from Costa Coffee so that the staff can collect something sweet on their way home after an exhausting day of work.

Beth Linklater, the person behind the fundraising drive, said there has already been a great support for the campaign, but her team would need a lot more support from well-wishers.

“There's over 1,000 medical staff at Basingstoke hospital. I don’t know if we could raise £10,000. I completely get that.

“But there are 300 nurses. So we're thinking if we could at least raise £3,000, that would be a £10 voucher for each of the nurses. But obviously, it's a long way to go.”

Ms Linklater said her team started the drive after listening to a nurse talk on Radio 4.


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