Chemistry Prize for Top Performer Natalie!

Oxford University student and former Queen Mary’s College student Natalie Montegriffo picked up a cash prize at The Salters’ Institute Annual Awards Ceremony.  As well as securing A* A* A in her A Level exams this year, alongside an A* for her Extended Project Qualification, Natalie gained one of the highest marks in the country for Chemistry.

Natalie’s outstanding performance and success was celebrated at Salters’ Hall in London, along with other students, technicians and those working in the chemical industry. Accompanied by her parents the former Hurst Community College pupil was presented with a certificate and a cheque for £150 by Dr Emma Sceats, Chief Executive Officer of Isogenica and Salters’ Chemistry Graduate Award Winner 2002.

Speaking about the award Natalie commented “I was very surprised to hear that I had done so well, but also very pleased. “The award ceremony in London was very nice, and it was good to meet so many scientists and role models”

Now that Natalie has begun studying Human Sciences at Oxford University she is keeping an open mind as to what direction her career will take, but is currently considering entering the field of studying rare genetic diseases, to look at physiology at altitude, or to do ethnographical fieldwork in a different culture. Speaking highly of her time at QMC Natalie said “The most valuable part of my time at QMC was spent with my teachers. They were extremely helpful, kind and able to explain the challenging parts of the syllabus, as well as teaching extra details related to the course. It is because of the excellent teaching and extensive revision guidance that I was able to do so well in Chemistry. “Whatever I end up doing in the future, I will always be able to use the skills I learnt at QMC.”

Principal Ali Foss and Teacher of Chemistry Marcus Rutland (pictured) congratulated Natalie in person when she returned to QMC ahead of attending the Awards Ceremony. On praising the outstanding achievements Marcus told Natalie “You worked so hard and you are so very deserving of the Award.” Ali Foss added “We are very proud of you, well done indeed!”

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