CBeebies Presenter Guest Speaker to Media Students

CBeebies presenter, artist and super-mum Katy Ashworth popped into Queen Mary's college on Tuesday to give an honest and inspiring careers talk to our current media and drama students. The audience were given advice on how best to proceed in the creative arts industry, how to get noticed and the importance of constantly working hard in a competitive field. 

James Fraser-Murison, head of department said " We were all very lucky and grateful that Katy was able to give up her time and spend it with students who want to follow a career in the creative arts industry. She gave an excellent presentation for the students and even spent time at the end answering questions from nearly all the students who stayed behind, eager to learn more! Thank you."

Katy is now working on several independent projects and can be found on Twitter or at  http://www.katyashworth.com/

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