AWE STEM Event October 2018

Students from QMC spent the morning working with scientists and engineers from AWE on a range of enjoyable problem solving activities. These were designed to develop the kinds of skills valued in STEM environments, as well as giving the students a greater insight into the diversity of career opportunities available to them with science and maths A' levels. The activities ranged from building and fine-tuning the performance of electrochemical cells through to designing and testing a nose cone for a water-powered rocket that would enable an egg to survive the fall back to earth. Students enjoyed participating in 5 key activities throughout the Spotlight on STEM project morning :

Bottle Rockets
Fuel Cell Experiment
Magnetism and Ferrofluids
Product Lifecycle Analysis
Wave Lengths  

“I have taken part in similar previous events, they are really cool and so helpful.” - Melissa Dickhart  (previous Everest Community College) currently studying Chemistry, Maths, Phsics
“I am wanting to study Engineering at University and I am here to gain experience and get a feel for university work.” - Allwin Saji Chemistry (previous Bishop Challoner School) currently studying Maths, Physics  and Chemistry.
“I am here to learn about STEM and open my mind to careers.” - Arran Loftus (previous Court Moor School)  currently studying  Biology, Chemistry, Business and Maths  


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