Art Students Inspire Primary School Pupils

Second Year Cam Tech L3 Art and Design students assisted with a creative workshop for visiting pupils from The Priory Primary School pupils. The aim of the workshop was to aid the pupils with a Design Technology project. The pupils explored typography and fonts combining photography into set tasks - urban alphabet, human type and type layout. The pupils came with a quote of their choice which they had already designed through a page layout considering fonts and colours in their workbooks.

Two activities were arranged, where the pupils were split into two groups and rotated through the activities. Our Second Year Cam Tech L3 Art and Design students helped the pupils to complete the activities. The students were amazing in supporting the pupils and were keen to help them.

ACTIVITY 1 - Light trails and photographing bubbles

With the bubbles the pupils had to consider movement and captured the bubbles at the right time with the shutter speed. Using light trails the pupils made word formations to spell short words and capturing these through a slow shutter speed and in the pitch black which was great fun! The words they spelt were - Priory, Mrs Kelly, food, fire and love, all of the photographs turned out really well.

ACTIVITY 2 - Creating quotes and page layouts in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator

From their work book, the pupils recreated their page layout drawings in Photoshop and Illustrator. The QMC students were there to support them in this activity and achieve an outcome  which they printed out as an A3 colour poster.

"The pupils had such a great time during their visit, their posters looked amazing and they were buzzing about the bubble pictures and light trails." - Mrs Coe Year 6 teacher - The Priory Primary School

The QMC students who led the workshops all said how much they enjoyed it and what a good experience it was. We all hope that the workshop will inspire the pupils to think about creative subjects as a possible career direction as they move forward in their education and they become the artists, photographers and designers of the future.

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